Like the frame, the right mat can make the difference between a nicely framed image and one that has that "WOW" factor.

Dry mounting is a method of adhering an item onto a firm support surface by means of a heat-sernsitive adhesive.  Mounting in this manner helps to flatten prints, photographs or posters that may have lines or wrinkles.  It ensures that there will be no "slippage" after the item has been framed.   It's particularly important to consider when dealing with over-size items.

Mounting and Framing

Selecting the right frame...

While it's always a matter of personal preference, the frame you select can make all the difference in the world .  If you're unsure, let our experts help you select a frame that will complement your artwork.

To mat or not to mat...

Have a really BIG picture?

Let us see if we can frame if for you!

Examples of our work below...

Indian Shawl DSCN2106
SM Marathon Medals Framed
For Woody
Web Guns and Holster_DSC0062
Santa Needlepoint DSC_2577
CofO Jerseys
Magic Johnson Jersey_DSC0006
Web Needlepoint_DSC0065
Soccer Shirt SM
Master Photo DSC_6397 SM
For Woody 2
DSC_9214 adjusted
Sm Team Picture DSC_1996
Neiman DSC_2015
Web Archery